Free-choice elective studies (UAS)

Open Studies - single courses





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Teknologiayksikön tarjonta (not translated)
(Select according to specific criteria: 0-0 cr)
Basics of Purchasing 5 cr
Hens and Hen Houses: hobby farming 3 cr
Organic Production 5 cr
Occupational health and safety on farms 3 cr
Työelämäprojekti 1 (not translated) 10 cr
Työelämäprojekti 2 10 cr
Public Procurement 5 cr
World of Logistics 5 cr
Preparatory Mathematics 3 cr
Development as an Expert 5 cr
Economy of Plant Production 3 cr
Basics of Plant Production 6 cr
Business Management and Leadership 10 cr
Bookkeeping and Taxation in Agriculture and Forestry 7 cr
Plant Production Planning 6 cr
Farm Scale Energy Production from Solid Biofuels 3 cr
Sources and Potentials of Different Biomass By-products 4 cr
Plant Nutrients from Biobased By-products 5 cr
Strength of Materials 6 cr
Energy and Environment 3 cr
NDT-menetelmät kunnossapidossa 1 cr
Ennakoiva kunnossapito (not translated) 3 cr
Quality Development Techniques 4 cr
Basic Thinking of Quality Technique 1 cr
AutoCAD Plant PI-diagram drawings 1 cr
AutoCAD Plant 3D-pipe work design 2 cr
AutoCAD basics 1 cr
AutoCAD basics 2 1 cr
AutoCAD Mechanical 1 cr
AutoCAD 3D-modelling 1 cr
3D-modelling basics Inventor 1 cr
3D-modelling basics 2 Inventor 1 cr
3D Modelling CATIA V6 3 cr
Geometrical product specification (GPS) and model-based definition (MBD) 2 cr
Inventor modelling and sheet metal 2 cr
The basics of industrial design and surface modelling 3 cr
Visualization in 3D modelling 2 cr
Welded steel structures. Statics and strength theory. 2 cr
3D-tulostuksen mahdollisuudet yritystoiminnassa 5 cr
Develope your 3D-printing skills 5 cr
3D-modelling basic Vertex 1 1 cr
Energy and Environment 3 cr
Kunnossapidon toiminnanohjauksen perusteet (not translated) 1 cr
Kunnossapidon projektityö (not translated) 2 cr
Statics 4 cr
Basics of Programming 5 cr
Liiketoimintayksikön tarjonta erillisten kriteerien mukaan (not translated)
(Select according to specific criteria: 0-0 cr)
Managing Wellbeing at Work 5 cr
Self-Management 4 cr
Bookkeeping 1 5 cr
Effective Utilization of Spreadsheet Computation 5 cr
Blender Modeling 5 cr
Cross reality with Unreal 4 10 cr
Programming with C++ 5 cr
Muu tarjonta (not translated)
(Select according to specific criteria: 0-0 cr)
JAMK InnoFlash 2 cr