Free-choice elective studies (UAS)

Learning And Competence Development (For Master's Student) 2022-2023



The core content of the module consists of educational sciences and pedagogical competence development studies chosen by the student. Studies may focus on the development of the student's own competence, his or her own professional field or world of work.

Studies can be included as part of professional teacher education at JAMK University of Applied Sciences.




Select according to specific criteria: 0 - 17 cr


The student understands the basic concepts and terminology of educational science and vocational pedagogy. Further, the student understands the applicability of the sciences of human learning and development in facilitating learning. He or she is also able to look at the phenomena related to upbringing and education from the educational sociology perspective.

The student develops his or her own pedagogical competence purposefully by strengthening his or her own expertise.


The student chooses studies from this unit as she or he has planned in her or his study plan, maximum 17 ECTS credits.

Further information

The scope and implementation of the studification will be agreed separately in connection with the personal study plan. Studies are conducted in accordance with JAMK guidelines.

When studying, the knowledge and application of theoretical frameworks are made visible.