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Exchange Studies: Purchasing and Logistics Engineering (Bachelor level)



Courses in this Exchange Study Programme are meant for Incoming Exchange Students who study logistics or related study field at their home institution. An exchange agreement with JAMK and the home institution including logistics as a study field is required. Students should contact their home institution’s International Office/Services to find out if an co-operation agreement exists.

The courses are part of our curricula for degree students and are taught in English. Studying is full-time and includes both contact lessons, online work, independent studying and/or group work. There is no specific exam period, exams are usually at the end of each course.

One ECTS credit is equivalent to about 27 hours of student work.



Sisällön valinnaisuus

Valitaan erillisten kriteerien mukaan 0 - 60 op


Exchange students are recommended to complete approx. 5 ECTS per exchange month (totaling 30 ECTS per semester).

Students applying to this Exchange Study Programme should choose courses in their study plan mainly from this course offering. In addition to the professional studies, students can complement their studies by choosing language and communication courses (see Exchange Studies: Languages and Communication offering for all Exchange Students)

If students find courses suitable to their study background also in other Exchange Study Programmes at JAMK, they may propose one, max. 2 per semester in their study plan. However, enrolment for them is not guaranteed.


Min. 1 year of studies completed at the home institution. Student's study background must be compatible with this Exchange Study Progamme.


- Autumn semester: from the end of August towards the end of December
- Spring semester: from the beginning of January towards the mid-May

Course Enrolment:
Course enrolments and possible changes to the study plan are done after arriving to JAMK. Each course has a limited number of places for exchange students and thus, some students may not get in to their preferred courses and have to change their course choices and enrolment after arrival.

Doing Business in Latin America –course:
JAMK organises every spring a 30 ECTS programme in Buenos Aires at our partner institution Fundación UADE called "Doing Business in Latin America". Exchange Students are welcome to include this programme to their study plan.
- Fees apply
- Erasmus+ students might not be eligible for the Erasmus+ grant while in Argentina. Participation and fees must be checked with the home institution
- A separate application for the programme is required
Further information:

Tailor-made study packages outside of exchange programmes:
There might be some separately agreed and tailored study packages for certain student groups (usually fees apply). In case of the packages courses in this Exchange Study Programme, the regular exchange student nomination/application process and support services do not apply. The receiving programme of JAMK shall co-ordinate the package from beginning to end. Please contact the study package liaison for further information.

Autumn 2023
(Valitaan erillisten kriteerien mukaan 0-30 op)
Hankinnan perusteet 5 op
Talousmatematiikka 3 op
Business Networks 5 op
Toiminnanohjausjärjestelmät 5 op
Datan analysointi 3 op
Global Supply Chain 5 op
ICT-valmiudet 3 op
Logistics Information Technology 4 op
Logistiikan tekninen piirustus ja CAD 5 op
Materiaalin ohjaus 5 op
Mat1 Yhtälöt 3 op
Mat1 Tukiopinnot 1 op
Mat3 Derivaatta ja integraali 3 op
Mat3 Tukiopinnot 1 op
Optimointi 3 op
Fys1 Voima ja liike 3 op
Matematiikkaan valmistavat opinnot 3 op
Tuotanto- ja materiaalitekniikka 5 op
Hankintojen analysointi ja kehittäminen 5 op
Quality and Risk Management 5 op
Sustainability and Responsibility 5 op
Logistiikan maailma 5 op
Yrittäjyys 3 op
JAMK InnoFlash 2 op
Spring 2024
(Valitaan erillisten kriteerien mukaan 0-30 op)
Kiertotalouden johtaminen 5 op
Älykäs kuljettaminen 5 op
Intralogistics 5 op
Sisälogistiikan johtaminen 5 op
Logistiikkatalous 5 op
Logistics Simulations 5 op
Management of Organizations 5 op
Kiertotalouden materiaalivirrat 5 op
Mat2 Funktiot 3 op
Mat2 Tukiopinnot 1 op
Uudet teknologiat 5 op
Fys2 Energia 3 op
Logistiikan fysiikka 3 op
Tuotannon johtaminen 5 op
Hankintojen johtaminen 5 op
Sales and Marketing 5 op
Tilastot ja todennäköisyys 3 op
Transport Management Systems 5 op
Kuljetusmuodot 5 op
Yrittäjyys 3 op
JAMK InnoFlash 2 op
Finnish for beginners 5 op
Improve your English 5 op
Business English and Presentations 5 op
Espanjan alkeet 1 5 op
Espanjan alkeet 2 5 op
Spanish 3 5 op
Saksan alkeet 1 5 op
Saksan alkeet 2 5 op
German 3 5 op
Ranskan alkeet 1 5 op
Ranskan alkeet 2 5 op
Venäjän alkeet 1 5 op
Each One Teach One 2 - 8 op