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Double Degree Studies: Business (Bachelor level)



Courses in this Double Degree Study Programme are meant for Incoming Double Degree Students who study business at their home institution. A Double Degree agreement with JAMK and the home institution in the field of business is required. Students should contact their home institution’s International Office and/or Double Degree Study Programme liaison to find out if an co-operation agreement exists.

The courses are part of our curricula for degree students and are taught in English. Studying is full-time and includes both contact lessons, online work, independent studying and/or group work. There is no specific exam period, exams are usually at the end of each course.

One ECTS credit is equivalent to about 27 hours of student work.



Sisällön valinnaisuus

Valitaan erillisten kriteerien mukaan 0 - 60 op


The number of credits which Double Degree students must complete, is agreed in the Double Degree Agreement (usually 60 ECTS/academic year). Contact your Home Institution and JAMK dd-programme liason for further information

Students applying to this Double Degree Study Programme should choose courses in their study plan mainly from this course offering. In addition to the professional studies, students can complement their studies by choosing language and communication courses (see Exchange Studies: Languages and Communication offering for all Exchange Students), if this fits their study plan and is accepted by the Home Institution and JAMK Double Degree Study Programme liaisons.


Min. 1 year of studies completed at the home institution, the exact timing of the Double Degree study period at JAMK is specified in the Double Degree agreement. Student's study background must be compatible with this Double Degree Study Progamme.


- Autumn semester: from the end of August towards the end of December
- Spring semester: from the beginning of February towards the end of May/the end of June (usually semester ends by end of May, study period at JAMK last until June only if student decides to enrol for summer studies)

Course Enrolment:
Course enrolments and possible changes to the study plan are done after arriving to JAMK. Each course has a limited number of places for students and thus, some students may not get in to their preferred optional courses and have to change their course choices and enrolment after arrival. However, access for compulsory courses in the Double Degree Porgramme is ensured.

Basic Leadership Skills 5 op
Business Analytics: Prescriptive Models (online) 5 op
Business Simulation (online) 5 op
Corporate Finance Models 1 (online) 5 op
Corporate Finance Models 2 5 op
Cross-cultural Management Essentials: Communication, Conflict, and Management Perspectives 5 op
Digital Business and agile methods 5 op
Digital Marketing Strategy and Tactics 5 op
Doing Business in Latin America 30 op
Dynamic Creativity Management 3 op
Enterprise Resource Planning 5 op
ERP Simulation Game 5 op
Ethics and Law for International Managers 3 op
Event Management 5 op
Financial Management 5 op
Global Destination Branding 3 op
Global Innovation Marketing Strategies 5 op
Global Sales Management 5 op
Global Team Leadership 5 op
Human Resources Management 5 op
Intellectual Property Law and Contract Law 5 op
International Business Speaking 3 op
International Market Analysis 5 op
International Marketing 5 op
International Marketing Communications 5 op
Introduction to International Relations 5 op
Marketing Management 5 op
Psychology for Business Management 3 op
Services Design 3 op
Sport and Event Management 5 op
Sport International 5 op
Sport Management 5 op
Sport Marketing 5 op
Sport Tourism Management 3 op
Statistics for Managers using MS Excel, part 1 5 op
Statistics for Managers using MS Excel, part 2 5 op
Strategic Management 5 op
Strategic Sport Management and Leadership 5 op
Technology Business Dynamics 5 op
Yritysrahoitus 5 op