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Scout, Develop and StartLaajuus (5 cr)

Code: ZWVZ0800


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Teaching language

  • English


1. The students are able to find, develop and produce innovations based on customer value using agile development methods.
2. The students are able to recognise the role of trends and weak signals and their changes in the production of new innovations.
3. The students are able to produce and utilise various experiments, pilots and prototypes in the development of customer value.
4. The students are able to recognise development problems and produce solution options using systematic development methods.
5. The students are able to work in a multidisciplinary work group and manage their own and their group’s activities in an agile development project.
6. The students understand the basics of user-oriented development work.
7. The students are able to assess the business potential of the innovation being developed.


The course is based on customer value production and its iterative development method. Customer value may be generated by means of various physical or digital products, services or their properties. The studies are completed in study groups that establish the customer value assumption according to the customer’s needs or wishes. Alternatively, they may base their work on proactive information on development trends or new revenue generation models. The customer value is tested with potential customers and improved on the basis of the feedback received.

The course lasts one semester. Its completion is supported by means of material produced in the virtual learning environment. The course consists of eight meetings with independent and group work between them.


ZZPP0710 Entrepreneurship, ZZPP0720 JAMK Innovation Week

Assessment criteria, satisfactory (1)

The assessment of learning is enhancement-led evaluation. The assessment is based on learning objectives, quality and criteria, and self-evaluation by the student plays an important role in the process. The assessment targets are described under ‘Attainments’.

The learning outcomes are assessed in relation to the learning objectives of the course.

The course assessment criteria:

Active participation, approved completion of learning tasks and exercises.

In addition, the assessment focuses on ascertaining that the student’s demonstrations and analyses of entrepreneurship-orientation, customer relationships and operating environments are based on the operating environment and customer needs and demonstrate such understanding of business that can result in start-up entrepreneurship or profitable business. The students demonstrate an ability to bear responsibility for their own and their team’s activities and have proven to be capable of profitable operations showing initiative together with their group. The students recognise potential customers for their know-how. The students are active members of the community.