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Project ManagementLaajuus (5 cr)

Code: YHIHR300


5 op

Teaching language

  • English


This hands-on project management course will provide a student an outstanding opportunity to network with, and to create a project for a famous local company. After the course, the student understands the difference in between a waterfall and an agile process management. The student also understands the importance of team, customer need, project iteration, agile retrospective, continuous learning, product backlog, communication skills, openness and emotional intelligence – among many others – in project management. Due to agile project management, the student has a capability to adapt into a real customer need, in order to provide exceptionally good results for customer projects.



Enterprises for the project can be growth companies, listed companies or multi talented companies. The list of the qualified enterprises will be revealed during the first contact lesson.


• Building a result focused team (Lean, Agile, Scrum)
• Understanding the difference in between Waterfall and agile project management
• Avoiding over-planning and wasting of time and resources
• Understanding the importance of customer need during the project lifespan
• Understanding the importance of iterations and agile retrospectives

• Together with customer, the student will define a goal, tasks, outcome, roles, responsibility and risk assessment for the project.
The student will understand the importance of agile thinking and emotional intelligence on project management.

The student will also learn to:
• Manage the project team,
• Communicate and solve possible conflicts,
• Interact with the local project company,
• Return the project for the customer.


Bachelor degree in a relevant field, and the student knows the basics concepts of project management.

Assessment criteria, satisfactory (1)

1 (Sufficient): The student knows the process of a project management. The student understands the difference of a waterfall and an agile project management.
2 (Satisfactory): The student is able to prepare a project plan and to work in collaborative teams.
3 (Good): The student is able to execute the project plan for a local company.
4 (Very good): The student has the knowledge and capacity to positively challenge the local company with new set of ideas during the project lifespan.
5 (Excellent): The student is able to bring substantial added value for the local company through the project.