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Master's Thesis, ReportingLaajuus (10 cr)

Code: YZ00BL96


10 op

Teaching language

  • Finnish
  • English

Responsible person

  • Sari Järvinen, Hyvinvointi
  • Karo Saharinen, Teknologia, IT
  • Riikka Ahlgren, Liiketoiminta
  • Harri Peuranen, Teknologia
  • Pasi Lehtola, Teknologia
  • Tarja Ahopelto, Kielikeskus
  • Hannariina Honkanen, Teknologia, energia ja biotalous
  • Mika Rantonen, Teknologia, IT
  • Jouni Huotari, Teknologia, IT
  • Sanna Sihvonen, Hyvinvointi
  • Murat Akpinar, Liiketoiminta
  • Aila Ahonen, Liiketoiminta
  • Päivi Korpivaara, Teknologia
  • Leena Liimatainen, Hallinto
  • Teemu Makkonen, Kirjasto


There are no implementations of the Master's Thesis, Reporting course and therefore no enrolment for it. Start your thesis by making a topic proposal in Wihi.

Purpose of the course
You will write a working life-oriented thesis included in your master's degree, in which you will demonstrate the demanding level of expertise required for working life development tasks in the field.

Course competencies
Ethical competence
Learning and information management skills
Entrepreneurship, innovation and work community skills

Aims of the course:
You will be able to report on the results or output of your thesis, evaluate them and present development suggestions in an appropriate way in writing and verbally. You will follow the principles of good scientific practice at all stages of the thesis process.


Writing a thesis report
Submission of the thesis for pre-assessment
Presenting Thesis
Finalizing thesis report
Submission of the thesis for assessment process
Feedback of the working life representative
Participation in a small group and individual thesis tutoring

Assessment criteria, satisfactory (1)

The thesis assessment criteria at levels adequate 1 and satisfactory 2 are described in the thesis assesment criteria form.

Assessment criteria, good (3)

The thesis assessment criteria at levels good 3 and very good 4 are described in the thesis assessment criteria form.

Assessment criteria, excellent (5)

The thesis assessment criterion at level excellent 5 is described in the thesis assessment criteria form.

Assessment criteria, approved/failed

The approval grade for the reporting plan phase is recorded, when the thesis is approved and the grade is given in the thesis work group