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Building Teams and Leading New VenturesLaajuus (5 cr)

Code: YHIHE300


5 op

Teaching language

  • English


The objective of the course is to enchance the student´s capacity to assess the human resource needs of a new venture, identify personal strenghts and weaknesses and highlight the importance of forming a well-rounded venture building team, as well as how to lead and manage new ventures. The student is able to manage the innovation process and identify new business opportunities on the international market.


Building a new team.
Leading new ventures.


Marketing and Sales in Entrepreneurial Context and Financing, Growing and Harvesting New Ventures.

Assessment criteria, satisfactory (1)

The general criteria of the competences that the Master's Degrees awarded by Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences provide can be found on JAMK's web pages ( The learning outcomes of individual courses are assessed in relation to the objectives of the course concerned. Assessment is based on knowledge, skills and competence in accordance with the National and European Qualifications Framework, level 7.

1 (Sufficient) - 2 (Satisfactory):The student shows only a satisfactory knowledge of the material and concepts but fails to show a convincing ability to apply the knowledge to real life situation nor to communicate the concepts in an effective manner.
3(Good) - 4 (Very good):The student shows good knowledge of material and concepts and is able to communicate these in an effective way.
5 (Excellent): The student shows exceptional knowledge of subject material. The student demonstrates the ability to apply the material to real-life situations and challenges with superior communications skills.