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Sexual Health Promotion and Human RightsLaajuus (5 cr)

Code: YSZY0820


5 op

Teaching language

  • English

Responsible person

  • Christina Mantsinen, Hyvinvointiyksikkö


The student
- understands the diversity of the human rights and sexuality in regard to sexual orientation, age and preferences;
- understands the scope of sexuality in society including myths, norms, laws, cultural aspects and social policies and institutions;
- uses the basic terminology of sexology appropriately;
- is familiar with human and sexual rights and ethics and is able to promote them in work-life;
- knows the basic goals and tools of promotion of human rights and sexual health and is able to implement them in work-life;
- knows how to address the basic sexual health problems and how to refer patients to the specialists


- Sexual health promotion and human rights in individual and community levels
- Orietation to human rights including laws and agreements, teminology and education
- Orientation to sexual health including sexual diversity, terminology and sexual rights
- Basics of human sexuality through the lifespan
- Society and sexuality including myths, taboos, influences of culture and media, values, beliefs, relationships, legislation and social institutions
- Sexual and human rights violance including FGM, prostitution and human trafficking
- Skills in sexual health including the PLISSIT model, ethics, sexual reactions, sexual problems and sex aids


Bachelor´s Degree

Assessment criteria, approved/failed

Minimum requirements are: The student understands that sexuality is a diverse and complex phenomenon (scientifically, socially, culturally and individually) and that every patient/client is an individual who needs individually applied interaction and treatment. The student understands the basic terminology of sexology and the ethical basis of sexual health promotion including sexual rights. The student can use academic literature about sexual health and sexual health promotion and is able to express professional opinions about the topics in writing. The student knows basic methods of sexual health promotion and is able to implement them in practice.