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Johtamisen tutkinto-ohjelma, ylempi AMK, Musiikkipedagogi

Master’s Degree Programme in Music

Degree title:
Master’s Degree Programme in Music

60 ects

Key learning outcomes

After graduating, you possess the skills to manage and renew organisations and work communities. You are able to assess and develop your leadership and career in a goal-oriented manner. You understand the significance of strategy in the management of an organisation and are able to draw up strategies for the national and/or international operating environment. You advance and lead your work community and organisation ethically and in accordance with the values of sustainable development. You utilise financial management in supervisory work, identifying and analysing development needs. You master the in-depth knowledge base of your field and are able to produce new information, taking the perspectives of different disciplines into account. You are able to critically assess information and ensure the continuous development of your personal competence and the competence of your work community. In your management work, you are able to apply research and development methods to produce new solutions that anticipate the future.

Education content and professional growth and know-how

The Master's Degree Programme in Management and Leadership for Masters of Culture and Arts consists of 60 credits. You will take the Management study module (20 cr) and the Research-based development course (5 cr) in a multidisciplinary student group. You will deepen your competence in management from the perspective of your field by writing a master's thesis (30 cr) and taking elective studies (5 cr).

The master's thesis is a business and industry-oriented research and/or development project that can be clearly applied in practice and that supports the student's career development.

Joint Management Competence, 20 cr

The study module focuses on human and financial management as well as strategic management.
- Development as a Leader
- Human Resource Management
- Strategic Management
- Financial Management

Research and Development 5 cr

Through research and development studies, you learn key methods for the development of business and industry, and the use of different research methods and research communication. You also learn to apply research data in your field and use it to develop the activities of your own organisation or another organisation.
- Research-based Development

Master's Thesis 30 cr

Writing a master's thesis is a core competence in the degree programme. In the thesis, you apply research data, develop your chosen field and/or organisation and deepen your professional expertise from the perspective of leadership or financial management.

The thesis is a research and/or development project that serves the world of work, where you apply your research skills in practice and support your own career development.

Elective Studies 5 cr

You can pick courses targeted at Master's degree students from both Jamk and other higher education institutions. You can find courses from Jamk's Master's degree programmes, EduFutura, the EUDRES network of higher education institutions, Jamk Summer School or other higher education institutions.

Flexible studies

The studies can be completed entirely online, so where you live or work is not an issue. We organise a six-monthly group meeting on the Jamk campus. Online learning includes online discussions and guidance with a team or instructor, carrying out versatile assignments and reports in a virtual learning environment, video or online lectures, independent study of source materials and participating in webinars. Some of the studies include scheduled webinars (weekday evenings or afternoons). The student group's wishes are taken into account in the implementation. In addition, student groups meet in virtual learning environments or can independently arrange meetings online or face-to-face.

You can choose your alternative or elective studies from EduFutura partner institutions (University of Jyväskylä and Gradia) and international studies from European EUDRES higher education institutions. You can also choose from Finnish and foreign partner universities, such as other universities of applied sciences and universities. You can apply for accreditation of higher education studies that you have completed elsewhere.

Working life oriented learning

It is recommended that learning and development assignments related to studies are integrated into the development of work communities and/or organisations. During courses and on expertise and alumni days, we invite visitors from our business and cooperation partners. Students form multidisciplinary networks for sharing expertise and developing competence, drawing on the opportunities offered by digitalisation.

Competence acquired in employment or otherwise can be accredited as part of the Master’s degree. This will shorten the study time and partly reduce the amount of studies. If the student has acquired work skills that meet the degree programme's intended learning outcomes, studification of work is also an option for accreditation.

Entrepreneurship development is supported by services provided by Jamk and The Startup Factory in Jyväskylä. In addition, many courses and the thesis process allow you to develop your company's business and your entrepreneurship competence.

Career opportunities and employment

Graduates' career paths focus on management, supervisory or development tasks or expert assignments in the private, public or NGO sector in different fields in both national and international organisations. The degree enables career advancement, such as obtaining new, more challenging work assignments and a better income level.


This Master's degree provides general competencies for demanding supervisory tasks. The degree grants you eligibility for public posts and positions that require a Master's degree. The degree corresponds to level 7 of the European Qualification Frameworks (EQF7) and the National Qualifications Framework (NQF7) for qualifications and other learning.

Further studies

You may, after graduating, apply for postgraduate studies at universities or studies at the School of Professional Teacher Education. You can also continue your studies by applying for corresponding further education programmes in foreign higher education institutions, such as EUDRES higher education institutions. The university of applied sciences offers opportunities for competence development in various institutes, such as the open university of applied sciences, specialisation training and work-oriented continuing education.

Education planning

The Master's Degree Programme in Management and Leadership was created in cooperation with other post-secondary degree programmes at Jamk, and it is based on extensive foresight information and benchmarking. The competence contained in the degree will be developed with an advisory board consisting of representatives of business and industry and with partners. Jamk students and alumni are also important cooperation and development partners in ensuring the quality of education and the development of the curriculum to align with the needs of business and industry. Studies are also developed on the basis of the annual AVOP feedback provided by graduating students.

RDI activities at Jamk involve high-quality research and development projects regionally in Central Finland, nationally and internationally with other higher education institutions, and organisations and research institutes of various fields. We are an active member of the international PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) community and EUDRES (European University Alliance) network, which, in addition to research cooperation, enables the development of education and teaching with our partners (for more information, visit

Contact Information

Sami Sallinen
Senior Lecturer, Music
+358 403 518 350

Master's Degree Programme in Management and Leadership, Music Pedagogue
Timing 02.09.2024 - 15.05.2025 Code YZ00CL56-3005 Groups YJK24S1 YJL24S1 YJT24S1