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JAMK Leadership Programme in Silicon Valley, USALaajuus (5 cr)

Code: YH00CK61


5 op

Teaching language

  • English

Responsible person

  • Heidi Neuvonen


When you complete this course, you will strengthen your international leadership, networking, and communication competences. You will obtain insights into the differences of Silicon Valley Startup Culture from the rest of the world, namely, its risk-taking culture, creative leadership, and open innovation mindset.


Internationality and multiculturalism

You are able to communicate internationally in your work tasks.

You are able to monitor and utilize the international development of the filed in your work.

You recognize the role and significance of international leadership, net-working skills and communication competencies as a future success factor for companies and public organizations.

You are able to evaluate different social and managerial identities in an Innovation ecosystem.

You master the basic concepts of Innovation ecosystem, international leadership skills and become familiar with future of leadership in the digital age. You understand the importance of sustainability, risk management and digitalization in the development of operations, master the methods related to their implementation.


The main contents of this course are:

The programme includes business studies offered by San José State University, visits to companies and startup success stories from different fields.

Fundamentals of Silicon Valley: History, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Ecosystem in Silicon Valley.

Leadership in Start up’s and growth companies, International Business Speaking and Global Dialogue.

Developing Individual skills: Managing HR, Managing marketing, Business ethics.

The Future of leadership: Trends, Sustainability, Digitalization, Risk Management.

Assessment criteria, approved/failed

Passed (S)

You evaluate and analyze the role and significance international leadership, networking skills and communication competencies applying key theoretical knowledge. You define the key concepts related to the special competence of the subject in relation to each other. You are also able to utilize international research and literature. You evaluate the development of your own international leadership, networking and communication skills critically, comprehensively and diversely. You report convincingly, present-ing a clear, logically progressing whole. You reflect your learning. You write in an argumentative and error-free factual style. You follow JAMK's report-ing guidelines. You participate in business studies offered by San José State University, where you share what you have learned with others.

Fail (0)
You do not meet the level of approved competence.


Recommended readings:

Horowitz, B. 2014. The hard thing about hard things: Building a business when there are no easy answers. First edition. New York: Harper Business, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers.

Gawande, A. (2011). The checklist manifesto: How to get things right (Paperback ed.). Profile.