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Research and Development StudiesLaajuus (5 cr)

Code: YLBM02000


5 op

Teaching language

  • Finnish

Responsible person

  • Laura Vertainen


The student perceives the research work as part of professional expertise. He/she is able to identify and delineate meaningful areas for development and issues in his field and in his own activities. He / she is able to change perceptions of truth, truth and reality and to understand the importance of research ethics in his / her own research and development activities.

The student understands the basics of quantitative and qualitative research and their main methods. He outlines the background assumptions of the research work, the different stages of the research process and the different options for data collection. He / she understands the strengths and weaknesses of quantitative and qualitative research and is able to evaluate their suitability for solving different types of research tasks. The student has the ability to do quantitative and qualitative research.

The student knows the principles and key methods of work-based development work. He / she knows the appropriate service in demanding development work in his / her field and as an expert in operations in the work and research community. The student is able to acquire research information based on the expertise of his or her members. He / she is able to critically evaluate knowledge and its sources and is able to provide appropriate support in his / her own research and development work.

The student knows a clear, well-structured and matter-of-fact report. She is familiar with the special features of exploratory writing, the structure of a thesis report, and writing practices.


Knowledge, science and research.
Definition and delimitation of the research and development topic.
Quantitative and qualitative research principles.
The key principles and methods of development work.
Theoretical litterature and evaluation of its reliability.
Key methods of data collection and data processing.
Research ethics, reliability of research.



Assessment criteria, approved/failed

Acceptable competence of the course demonstrated in writing and orally:
The student knows the key concepts of research and development work as well as the basic methods of qualitative, quantitative and developmental research.
He / she is able to make informed choices regarding the way research and development is carried out: to determine the research problem, to derive research questions from it, to choose the methods suitable for the collection and processing of the research approach and material.
He / she understands the importance of research reliability and ethics as part of responsible expertise.