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Destination DevelopmentLaajuus (5 cr)

Code: YMRVW100


5 op

Teaching language

  • English


The student is able to make analysis of tourism potential of a place at a national, district or local level. The student knows possible crisis or other historic events of destination, economic development of destination, its residence attitudes and background statistics. The student identifies a regional ecosystem of tourism. The student understands how to evaluate the potential costs and benefits of a tourism development program for a region. The student is able to set visions and goals for tourism stakeholders including strategic alliances and public-private partnerships. The student is able to make a regional tourism strategy or a master plan of a destination.


Economic impact data
Competitive advantage
Strategic alliance
Regional tourism strategy
Master plan


Bachelor's degree

Assessment criteria, satisfactory (1)

The learning outcomes of a course will be assessed in accordance with its learning objectives on the basis of the skills and knowledge and general competences specified in The National and European Quality Management Systems (NQF/EQF, level 7). Referring to the learning objectives of the course, the following levels are required:
5 (Excellent) The student shows excellence in applying theory into practice in multiple ways. The student is capable of critical and analytical arguments in terms of destination related theories. The student shows innovative approach.
4 (Very good) The student understands the link between theory and practice of the destination related theories. The student utilizes the analysed knowledge and argues critically for development ideas.
3 (Good) The student is able to utilize strategic understanding of destinations by arguing it into theory and practice
2 (Satisfactory) The student understands the concepts and basic principles of tourism destination topics in a strategic level in both theoretical and practical manner.
1 (Adequate) The student can define the basic concepts of destination management and development. The student’s understanding of the concepts and basic principles is insufficient.
All the areas must be completed satisfactorily. Late return of the assignments will lead to a grade decrease.
0 (Failed) No performance on the level 1.