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Food and Beverages BusinessLaajuus (5 cr)

Code: MT00CQ61


5 op

Teaching language

  • English

Responsible person

  • Susanna Nuijanmaa


The purpose of this course is to deepen your understanding in food and beverage industry and restaurant operations. You will learn about trends and future prospects in restaurant business. You will understand the need for active selling as part of good customer service and the role of servicescape and ambiance as elements of customer experience in restaurants.

tourism business, proactive development

Learning objectives
After completing the course, you identify the terminology used in food and beverage industry. You have an understanding about the structure and earnings logic in restaurant business and know about varied business ideas in the industry. You identify the customer process in the restaurant company and the elements related to customer experience. You know the legislation that is related to managing restaurants. You have an ability to design customer oriented restaurant services.


- Food and beverage industry as part of the tourism industry
- Different business ideas in food and beverage industry
- Developing facilities and ambiance in restaurants
- Service processes in restaurants including varied selling techniques
- Main legislation related to food and beverage business