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EntrepreneurshipLaajuus (3 cr)

Code: ZZPP0750


3 op

Teaching language

  • Finnish
  • English

Responsible person

  • Suvi Salminen, Hyväksilukuhakemusten käsittely
  • Eetu Lehtonen, Hyväksilukuhakemusten käsittely


Purpose of the course:
During this course, you will acquire basic knowledge of entrepreneurship and profitable business in action-driven ways. You will assess your own entrepreneurial capabilities and expand your understanding of the sector with the help of company stories, for example. During the course, you will work in a multidisciplinary team in which you will develop a business idea.

Course competences:
Internationalisation and communications competence
Learning and information management competence
Entrepreneurship, innovation and working community competence

Course learning outcomes:
1. You recognise and are able to assess your own capabilities and attitudes concerning entrepreneurship.
2. You know the concept of internal entrepreneurship, what it means to become an entrepreneur and the significance of entrepreneurship and innovations in society.
3. You understand the preconditions of profitable business.
4. You understand and recognise the role of customer relationship in business and are able to apply this knowledge.
5. You demonstrate an ability for self-management in an entrepreneurial way in a multidisciplinary team.
6. You identify the customers’ needs and find business opportunities in them.
7. You are familiar with and capable of utilising the JAMK and EduFutura entrepreneurship and innovation environments and the related support services.


You recognise the skills of your own internal entrepreneurship and use them to develop the course business idea.

Based on your experience, observations and the knowledge you have acquired, you form a conception of market needs or demand in response to which you develop your own turnkey solution/business concept (service/product concept).

You act in a multidisciplinary small group in which you reflect upon and assess the business opportunities of the idea and share their opportunities for success with other students in the course. The ideas are tested with potential customers and further developed on the basis of the feedback received.

The development and communication tools used in the assessment and development of the ideas include the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas.

Assessment criteria, approved/failed

You recognise the features of your own inner entrepreneurship and utilise them in the development of a business idea and demonstrate an ability for self-management in an entrepreneurial way in a multidisciplinary team.

You understand the role of entrepreneurship in society and in your own sector. You understand the principles of profitable business.

In customer situations or services, you identify needs in response to which you develop a business idea together with your multidisciplinary team.

You understand the role of customers in the development of business ideas and the principles of value creation.