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Adapted Physical ActivityLaajuus (5 cr)

Code: SWFT2012


5 op

Teaching language

  • English

Responsible person

  • Maija Jylhä


In this course you will learn the principles of instructing physical activity for early childhood and get knowledge how to adapt physical activity to children with special needs

You are able to plan and instruct physical group activity to children concerning child`s Developmental milestones. You are able to adapt and instruct meaningful physical activity for children with special needs concerning their needs and functioning capacity. You know your strengths and development areas as an instructor. You are able to contact the group of children with natural and professional interaction

Guidance and counselling competence


The principles of planning Physical Activity session
Suitable Instructing methods and Physical Activities for child`s developmental milestones
Instructing Physical Activity session for kindergarten and primary school children
Instructing Adapted Physical Activity sessions for children with neurological disorders
Physical activity in promoting health and functioning, exercising perceptual and cognitive skills, and strengthening body and interaction skills and inclusion.


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Assessment criteria, approved/failed

You are able consider child`s developmental milestones and meaningful instructing method in planning and instructing the session. You are able to adapt Physical Activity for children with special needs and consider the challenges of perceptual skills, body awareness and interaction skills. You are able to promote inclusion. You can take natural and professional contact with different group of children