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Applying Control SystemsLaajuus (2 cr)

Code: TSAAA510


2 op

Teaching language

  • Finnish

Responsible person

  • Ari Kuisma


The course applies the theory of control technology to practice also for slightly more challenging control loops. Studying in this course requires knowledge of the basics of control technology, and you will be able to utilize these lessons when working with control loops.

You will be able to design and tune process controls in the event of disturbances, delays, or nonlinearities, and implement feedforward and cascade controls.


Feedforward controls
Cascade controls
Disturbances, delays and nonlinearities
Testing of control loops


Basic knowledge of control technology

Assessment criteria, satisfactory (1)

Sufficient (1): You recognize the basics and terminology, but you have shortcomings in interpreting the key issues.

Satisfactory (2): You know the basics and terminology, but perceiving the whole is challenging.

Assessment criteria, good (3)

Good (3): You can implement, test and tune the PID controller even for more challenging applications.

Very good (4): You master the key things and know how to apply them in many ways in different control loops.

Assessment criteria, excellent (5)

Excellent (5): You master key things and know how to apply them creatively and innovatively.