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Math3 Derivative and Integral SupportLaajuus (1 cr)

Code: TT00CD58


1 op

Teaching language

  • Finnish
  • English

Responsible person

  • Harri Varpanen, TTV
  • Pekka Varis, TIC


This course is meant to be taken simultaneously with Math3 Derivative and Integral. In this course you receive support in your studies and rehearse the contents of Math3 Derivative and Integral with guidance. During this course you further your knowledge of mathematical principles underlying engineering with regard to the derivative and the integral.

EUR-ACE: Knowledge and understanding
You have the knowledge and understanding of mathematics and other basic sciences underlying your engineering specialisation, at a level necessary to achieve the other programme learning outcomes (EA-KW).

After completing this course you have increased and strengthened your knowledge about the contents of Math3 Derivative and Integral course.


During this course you develop your competence with calculation routines. You practice and strengthen your knowledge about the concepts of the derivative and the integral with different types of exercises.


You understand the concept of a function and notations of functions and are able to solve simple tasks related to elementary functions, using information technology if necessary.

Assessment criteria, approved/failed

You know the physical and geometric interpretation of the derivative and the integral. You are able to differentiate polynomial expressions with the help of information technology if necessary. You are able to estimate values of derivatives and integrals when you have a graph of a function at your disposal.