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Leonard De Vinci (Bachelor's level), Autumn 2024 (30 cr)


Teaching languages

  • English


Choose ects: 30 cr

Optionality description

Autumn 2024, Bachelor’s courses, total: 30 ECTS:

English language courses (5 ECTS).
The language test will be organized during the orientation in August. Based on the test’s results, the students choose one of the two language courses:
• Improve your English, 5 ECTS
• Business English and Presentations, 5 ECTS

Mandatory Business courses: 10 ECTS (two courses can be chosen from the options below)
• HB00CD21 Cross-Cultural Management Essentials, 5 ECTS
• HB00CK52 Global Team Leadership, 5 ECTS
• HB00CK34 Financial Management, 5 ECTS

Elective courses: 15 ECTS: from the list:
• HB00CJ49 Basic Leadership Skills, 5 ECTS
• HB00CJ47 Introduction to International Relations, 5 ECTS
• HB00CJ50 International Marketing, 5 ECTS
• HB00CK35 Strategic Management, 5 ECTS
• HB00CK36 Global Sales Management, 5 ECTS
• HL00BD66 Digital Business Models, 5 ECTS
• HL00BD84 Intercultural Business Skills, 5 ECTS