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Business Networks (5 cr)

Code: TLHH3500-3018

General information


01.08.2023 - 24.08.2023


28.08.2023 - 19.12.2023

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Mode of delivery



School of Technology


Main Campus

Teaching languages

  • English


0 - 20

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Purchasing and Logistics Engineering


  • Anna Riikonen


    Bachelor's Degree Programme in International Logistics, HYIT
  • TLP21S1
    Bachelor's Degree Programme in Purchasing and Logistics Engineering
  • TLP23VS
    Bachelor's Degree Programme in Purchasing and Logistics Engineering (AMK) vaihto-opiskelu/Exchange studies
  • 05.09.2023 13:15 - 16:30, Business Networks TLHH3500-3018
  • 03.10.2023 13:15 - 16:30, Business Networks TLHH3500-3018
  • 24.10.2023 13:15 - 16:30, Business Networks TLHH3500-3018
  • 07.11.2023 13:15 - 16:00, Business Networks TLHH3500-3018
  • 22.11.2023 13:15 - 16:30, Business Networks TLHH3500-3018
  • 13.12.2023 08:30 - 10:30, Business Networks TLHH3500-3018 (Tentti/Exam)


Networking is vital in today's business. Global business requires dynamic and flexible actions from networks and organizations to success. Co-operation and interaction skills are greatly determining created value between organizations and individuals.

Competencies to be promoted in the course:

You will get readiness to work and understand networks. You will understand opportunities and challenges of networking as business strategy and recognize organization roles in global value networks. In addition, you will understand principles of co-operation in level of organizations and individuals, as part of business development.

You will recognize opportunities to apply methods and techniques to facilitate and develop collaboration between network members in practice. You will recognize the opportunities of digitization and how sustainability themes can be promoted within networks.

You will learn how to improve collaboration and networking between both organizations and individuals as part of business development.


The main content of the course consists of the following topics:

- Networks as phenomenon
- Networks and value networks in business
- Supplier relationship management (SRM)
- Collaboration between organizations
- Collaboration between individuals

Learning materials and recommended literature

Course utilizes several different study material sources - books, researches and articles. Study material and course literature will be presented at the course study environment.

Teaching methods

Course consists of face-to-face lessons and independent study. Face-to-face lessons will be held in Jamk main campus.

Face-to-face lessons consists of lectures, visitor lectures, workshops and possible company excursion.

Independent study consists of individual orientation assignments, learning assignments in groups and individual learning diary.

Course exam is made as group exam.

Practical training and working life connections

Possible company excursions and visitor lecturers from working life.

Exam dates and retake possibilities

Exam is arranged at week 49, 2022

Re-exams will be confirmed according to the need.

Alternative completion methods

Accreditation procedure is described in study guide. Course teacher will give additional information of other possible methods to take this course.

Student workload

One credit means 27 hours of student work. Therefore 5 credit course means 135 hours of student work.

Further information for students

Course assessment is based on learning assignments, learning diary and exam. Course is evaluated as pass / fail.

Evaluation scale


Evaluation criteria, pass/failed

You understand course topics and demonstrate competencies in learning objectives.


Purchasing management. You are able to find information idependently and to prepare reports. You have basic knowledge of the logistics processes.