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Master's Degree Programme in Digital Rehabilitation

Master of Health Care

Degree title:
Master of Health Care
Master of Health Care
Master of Social Services and Health Care
Master of Health Care
Master of Health Care

90 ects

Key learning outcomes

As a professional expert in digital rehabilitation you develop knowledge and skills to apply research-based methods to enhance digitalisation in the context of multidisiplinary rehabilitation. Simultaneously, in this programme you will be building competences with presently available digital technologies while gaining additional skills in using and designing emerging technologies.

Education content and professional growth and know-how

The scope of your studies based on Personal Learning Plan (PLP). Personal Learning Plan is based on your individual personal development and career goals.

The content and structure of the Master’s Degree Programme in Digital Rehabilitation (90 ECTS cr) is divided in competence modules, which are Shared Master Competence (at least 15 ECTS cr), Expert Core Competence (20 ECTS cr) and Master’s Thesis (30 ECTS cr) and also Complementary Competence (25 ECTS cr).

The Shared Master Competence module includes Management module at least 5 ECTS cr and Research and Development module 10 ECTS cr. The Expert Core Competence module consists on expertise studies in Digital Rehabilitation 20 ECTS cr and Master Thesis 30 ECTS cr.

The Complementary Competence module (25 ECTS cr) will broaden or deepen your competencies. The elective studies that are suitable to your personal learning plan will support the development of your competence according to your career plan. You may also choose studies from the online course offering of Finnish universities of applied sciences (CampusOnline), from the courses offered by EduFutura, which are implemented by JAMK, the University of Jyväskylä and the Jyväskylä Educational Consortium Gradia, as well as from Jamk Master School.

Additionally, you may enhance your internationalisation and entrepreneurship competence by choosing studies from the courses offered in English and by participating in international intensive training programmes. You may also promote your own business activities by completing studies that develop entrepreneurship. JAMK University of Applied Sciences will also offer basic studies in educational science as elective studies.

Flexible studies

Studies are carried out as contact and online studies and you can choose either part-time or full-time study mode.

Higher education studies on master level (NQF7/EQF7) completed elsewhere may be accredited as part of your degree. You must have a certificate or some other document to prove that you have completed the studies.

You have a possibility to recognition of informal learning (prior to studies or during studies by studification). It means that you try to understand and structure the competence you have acquired in relation to the learning objectives of the module or course. In order to be able to recognise, or accredit, the competence you have acquired as part of your studies you must describe and prove your competence. You may demonstrate your competence in the form of an interview, portfolio, learning diary, video, etc.

Working life oriented learning

Learning assignments included in the study modules and courses are integrated with working life. Many work community development tasks can also be taken up to be planned, refined, and resolved as learning assignments. The studies make use of the competencies and expertise of the study group members. The master thesis focuses on working life research and development.

Studification is also among the options offered by working life-oriented learning. It refers to combining work, project work, Future Factory activities, etc. with studies. Studification involves students drafting a studification plan and documenting it in the manner agreed with the teacher. Further information is available in the Study Guide.

The development assignments included in the study modules and courses are integrated with working life. The studies make use of the competencies and expertise of the study group members. The thesis focuses on working life research and development.

Career opportunities and employment

The Degree Program is intended for students who aim for professional expertise excellence in digital rehabilitation. The program will enable you to develop your competence and knowhow of digital rehabilitation in theory and practice as well as your critical thinking skills, in order to further your career within professional expertise excellence. During the studies you can network with experts from different fields and organizations. Career opportunities and employment possibilities include a wide variety of organisations from public and private sector and acting as an entrepreneur.


There are no specific degree-related or statutory qualification requirements in the field.

Further studies

The graduate may apply to continue on to postgraduate studies in science or arts at universities (Act 558/2009, Section 37) and in the school of professional teacher education. Studies can be continued by applying for corresponding post-degree education at universities abroad, for example. A university of applied sciences also provides opportunities for continuing education in the form of specialisation studies, open studies, an online study portal (CampusOnline) and working life based continuing education.

Education planning

The planning phase of the degree programme has involved working life representatives and experts from the field as well as researchers and lecturers at JAMK and consulting other international higher education institutes. The planning of the goals and content of the degree programme are based on the knowledge of current and future know-how and skills through research and working life.

Contact Information

Emmi Ritvos
School of Health and Social Studies

Master´s Degree Programme in Digital Rehabilitation
Master´s Degree Programme in Digital Rehabilitation
Timing 01.08.2024 - 31.12.2024 Code YH00BS12-3003 Groups YSD23S1 ZJAYSD23S1
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