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Master’s Degree Programme in High-Technology Business Management

Master of Engineering

Degree title:
Master of Engineering
Master of Engineering
Master of Engineering
Master of Engineering
Master of Engineering

60 ects

Key learning outcomes

In the degree programme, the student gets acquainted with management and decision-making with due account taken of business and economic aspects. The student recognises the challenges related to human leadership and is willing to develop their leadership skills and practices. Graduates of the degree programme are able to apply leadership theories to their own work and are able to follow the development of professional and research knowledge with due account taken of source criticism. They are able to evaluate, develop, and reform management and leadership in their organisation.

Education develops capabilities to act as an active developer of new competence in one’s own work community. The student can deepen their competence in production management, product development management or service business, also understanding international technology business. The student can deepen and strengthen their professional competencies across traditional professional boundaries. Depending on their personal career and competence objectives, the student may also deepen their technical competence and entrepreneurial capabilities.

Education content and professional growth and know-how

The studies consist of JAMK's shared Master’s degree courses, the specialist studies offered by the degree programme, and complementary studies that support the student’s learning and career objectives. The specialist studies focus on the completion of the Master’s thesis or working life development assignment. The structure of the studies (60 credits) is as follows:

Research and Development 5 cr
- Research-based Development 5 cr

Tecnological Competence and Management 20 cr
- International Technology Business 5 cr
- Leadership Dynamics 5 cr
- Managerial Accounting 5 cr
- Management of Product Development 5 cr
- Production Management 5 cr
- Industrial Service Management 5 cr
Master's Thesis 30 op

Studies that support the student’s learning and career objectives
JAMK Leadership Programme in Silicon Valley, USA 5 cr
Purchasing Management 5 cr
Service Design 5 op
Selling and Sales Management 5 op

Flexible studies

The programme will be provided in the form of part-time studies that include seminar days, online studies, group work and independent work. Courses that are fully implemented online and courses in English will also be offered.

The seminar days will usually be held on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. The classroom teaching mainly consists of open discussions to share experiences, resolve problems from working life and develop business in the field of technology.

In accordance with the principle of recognition of prior learning and experience, you can identify what you already know, which allows you to apply for accreditation based on such competence (see Degree Regulations, Section 17). Competence may have already been acquired prior to the commencement of studies or it may be acquired during the studies by e.g. studying at another higher education institution, in connection with work duties and training, or in the form of experience and competence gained in voluntary activities.

In addition to JAMK’s course offering, the complementary competence studies included in the degree programme can be selected from the offerings of EduFutura, the Startup Factory or CampusOnline.

The optimal completion time for the studies is two academic years. The majority of the courses included in the degree are competed during the first academic year. During the second academic year, the students will focus on their master’s thesis that supports their personal career development. The degree can also be completed during one academic year.

Working life oriented learning

The learning assignments included in the courses can be completed in the student’s own work community. Many work community development tasks can also be taken up to be planned, refined and resolved as learning assignments.

It is possible to build a personal study path for the studies through studification of work and a wide utilisation of the courses offered by JAMK’s master’s degree programmes and CampusOnline.

In the field of technology, the master's thesis is often a research-based working life development assignment. It makes up one-half of the credits required for the degree and provides opportunities to develop one’s own competence and further one’s personal career goals. The thesis is a research and development project that constructively develops the activities of your organisation, creates new insights and generates new solutions and development. The thesis can also be targeted at activities other than current ones, which makes it possible to obtain competence for a new sector or expertise in new kinds of work duties. This makes the education well-suited also for those who wish to change their career.

Career opportunities and employment

Those applying for the programme have engineering degrees from a wide range of fields, such as mechanical engineering, energy, construction and civil engineering, information and communication technology, environmental engineering, logistics, electrical automation and industrial engineering, and various kinds of rescue and fire officer qualifications. Consequently, the job titles vary to a considerable extent.

Graduates from the Degree Programme in Technological Competence Management work in industry and businesses, as entrepreneurs and in public administration.

Those pursuing the degree are usually at the early stage of their career, but there are also ‘grey panthers’ among them, i.e. those who already have a long career behind them. They all share as a connecting factor the desire to learn to lead and develop in the field of technology.

The diversity of participants is reflected in the broad range of their job titles:
- Production development engineer, production manager
- Product engineer, product manager, product development engineer, planning engineer, design manager
- Maintenance engineer, maintenance manager, installation supervisor
- Customer relationship manager, account manager, service manager
- Team leader, team manager
- Sales engineer, sales manager, sales director, regional manager
- Quality engineer, quality manager
- Human resources coordinator, human resources consultant, human resources manager
- Executive fire officer, rescue chief, emergency measures officer, fire inspector
- Plant engineer, real estate manager, supervisor, construction manager
- Technical manager, head of department, trainer
- ICT specialist, system designer
- Project manager, project engineer, project designer, project manager
- Controller, purchasing officer, logistics master
- Plant manager, managing director
- Consultant, energy expert, environmental engineer


The Master’s Degree in High-Technology Business Management confers an engineering degree in the field of technology that is required for certain specialist officer posts in the Finnish Defence Forces.

Further studies

The graduate may apply to continue on to postgraduate studies in science or arts at universities (Act 558/2009, Section 37) and in the school of professional teacher education. Studies can be continued by applying for corresponding post-degree education at universities abroad, for example. A university of applied sciences also provides opportunities for continuing education in the form of specialisation studies, open studies, an online study portal (CampusOnline) and working life based continuing education.

Education planning

The degree programme and its contents have been planned in close cooperation with the representatives of the technology industry who work in managerial and expert positions, making the most of their views. The joint advisory board for the Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s Degree Programme in High-Technology Business Management has been involved in the preparation of the learning objectives and the curriculum.

Feedback and an assessment of the programme, its implementation and the courses included in it will be collected from all degree programme graduates. The programme is developed on an annual basis based on the feedback received.

Contact Information

Korpivaara Päivi
Project Engineer, Industrial Engineering

Master’s Degree Programme in High-Technology Business Management
Master’s Degree Programme in High-Technology Business Management
Master’s Degree Programme in High-Technology Business Management
Master’s Degree Programme in High-Technology Business Management

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