Bachelor's degree education from year 2020 (autumn)

Bachelor's Degree Programme in Construction Management

Bachelor of Engineering, 210 ECTS

Bachelor of Construction Management

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Key learning outcomes

As a construction manager, you work in supervisory tasks in the construction sector and in various production planning and control tasks in interaction with different parties. Once you have completed your studies, you master the areas of construction production so that you can plan, implement and develop profitable business. After gaining sufficient experience, you will be able to work as a supervisor in charge at a demanding site (for example, an apartment block). After gaining sufficient experience, you can also work as a building or head designer of a regular building (for example, a single-family house).

Education content and professional growth and know-how

In the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Construction Management, the studies consist of studies common to all, advanced studies based on your choices, and practical training. The common studies include professional subjects in civil engineering as well as studies in natural sciences, technology, and languages and communication. For advanced studies, students choose specialisation studies in either construction production or structural design.

The studies are divided into study modules, i.e. modules and further into courses. Various methods are used in their implementations, such as lectures, working life-oriented exercises and projects, laboratory exercises, information system and software exercises, online studies and company visits.

Your competence develops and expands during your studies. After completing your qualification, in addition to professional expertise, you will also have the competence to act in constructive interaction with members of the work community and gain good capabilities for working in the international operating environment of civil engineering.

Flexible studies

Students have a choice of alternative or elective studies offered by partner universities in Finland and abroad, such as other universities of applied sciences (CampusOnline), universities and educational institutions involved in the EduFutura collaboration (University of Jyväskylä and Gradia). Higher level studies completed elsewhere may be accredited as part of your degree. The student must have a certificate or some other document to prove that they have completed the studies. Skills acquired elsewhere can also be described and demonstrated to enable accreditation. Further information is available on the web pages for students.

Working life oriented learning

Working life oriented learning is included in bachelor’s degree courses throughout the studies. These include practical training to promote professional skills, the thesis and various working life projects. At Jamk University of Applied Sciences, the operating model for working life oriented and student-driven learning is called Jamk Future Factory®. It combines working life operators, students, Jamk experts and working life oriented LAB environments and other learning environments. In addition to multidisciplinary and working life oriented project studies, it offers students a chance to develop their future working life skills, career paths and networks.

Studification is also among the options offered by working life oriented learning. It refers to combining work, project work, Future Factory activities, etc. with studies. Studification involves students drafting a studification plan and documenting it in the manner agreed with the teacher. Further information is available on the web pages for students.

Career opportunities and employment

After graduation, our construction manager students have found work in versatile sectors on the construction industry, for example in supervisory tasks, property maintenance and project management.

According to a survey conducted with the construction industry, in the future there will also be a great need for construction site managers and similar supervisors at construction sites, which are often the positions of graduating construction managers.


The degree together with work experience after graduation provides the opportunity to apply for competence as a building supervisor at demanding sites. (Ministry of the Environment guideline on the difficulty categories of building management tasks and qualifications of building managers, YM4/601/2015)

Further studies

After completing the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Construction Management, the student can immediately apply to continue studying for a degree in Civil Engineering Management, in which case a large proportion of the construction management studies can be directly accredited towards the engineering degree. After completing the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Construction Management and with at least two years of work experience, students can apply for a Master's degree offered for technical levels.

After completing the studies, you can apply for further studies, for example, in Master's degree programmes or similar at universities. After completing the bachelor's degree, it is of course possible to apply to Master-level degree programmes in foreign higher education institutions, as well.

You may supplement your skills for continuing education, for example, in the form of specialisation studies, open studies, an online study portal (CampusOnline) and working life based continuing education.

A student who completes a master’s degree at a university of applied sciences may apply to continue on to postgraduate studies in science or arts at universities (Act 558/2009, Section 37).

Education planning

The curriculum has been developed in cooperation with representatives of the building construction and civil engineering industry, institutions providing education in civil engineering and students. The views of these parties have been utilised in defining the intended learning outcomes and the competence produced by the degree. Views have been mapped through surveys, workshops, regular advisory board work and discussions.

Contact Information

Lähdesmäki Pekka
Senior Lecturer, Logistics