Master's Degree education

Master’s Degree Programme in Bioeconomy Development


Tutkimus- ja kehittämisopinnot (not translated)
(All compulsory)
Research and Development Studies 5
Biotalouden kehittäminen (not translated)
(All compulsory)
Bioeconomy, Human and Society 5
New Technologies in Growing Bioeconomy 5
Ecological basics of Bioeconomy 5
Bioeconomy Economy and Operating Environment 5
Opinnäytetyö Ylempi (AMK) (not translated)
(All compulsory)
Master's Thesis 30
Maturity Test, Master's Degree 0
Vapaasti valittavat opinnot (not translated)
(Select 5-5 cr)
Basics Perspectives of Production of the Bioeconomy 5
Elective studies 5
Biotalouden menetelmät LCA 5
Bioeconomy and geospatial information 5
Advanced Studies in Bioeconomy 5


In the Bioeconomy Development Degree Program, you will develop your expertise as part of a multiprofessional exploratory learning team. It will be posible for you to familiarize with the methods of developing and renewing services, processes and operating models that promote change and growth in the bioeconomy industry. You can consider ecological, technological, economic, cultural and social aspects to study of bioeconomy development.

You will learn to anticipate national and international developments in the bioeconomy. You develop business models in the industry based on the needs of your organization. You will be able to act as a bioeconomy expert and coordinator of development activities in both public and private organizations.