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Orchestral Conducting 2 (5 cr)

Code: KMZP0704-3003

General information


01.08.2022 - 25.08.2022


29.08.2022 - 19.05.2023

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Mode of delivery



School of Health and Social Studies


Finnish Music Campus

Teaching languages

  • Finnish


0 - 50


  • Rita Varonen


  • KPD19S1
    Bachelor's Degree Programme in Music


The students are familiar with an orchestral conductor's work in its diverse areas. They are capable of group command and have the ability to rehearse diverse ensembles. They have the readiness to express musical thoughts with their hands and verbally and are able to conduct diverse ensembles also in concert. They are able to work with students of diverse ages coming from different cultures.


Polishing of conducting technique in agreement with ergonomics
Score analysis
Oral communication skills development
Development of performance skills
Acquaintance with the main orchestral repertoire
Conducting practice-orchestra

Location and time

keskiviikkoisin klo 10.30-12.00 pienryhmä luokka 169
torstaisin klo 12-14 Kapubändi

Oppimateriaali ja suositeltava kirjallisuus

Material to be agreed upon with teacher during the course, music, free music available over internet, material available in library. The score should fit to the rehearsal orchestra

Teaching methods

Lectures, small group semesters, distance teaching, you will conduct several times the rehearsal orchestra

Exam schedules

May 2023

International connections

Etäyhteistyö kapellimestarien kanssa eri Europan maihin LOLAn kautta

Vaihtoehtoiset suoritustavat

conducting test 60%, observing in lessons and playing in rehearsal orchestra 40%.

Student workload

lectures and workshops 35-45 hvideo feedback,co-student evaluation 10-20 h Conducting rehearsal orchestra 15-30 h guided work including playing in rehearsal orchestra 30-50 h independent work 20-30 h network 20-30 altogether 135 h

Further information


Evaluation scale


Arviointikriteerit, tyydyttävä (1-2)

1 Accepted:
The students have a fair command of the main technical facts in playing. Their quality and intonation leave a lot to be desired. Their performance is musically modest, there is much to be developed stylistically and overall communication. The interpretative will and the character of the work in question need projection. The students are barely capable of self-evaluation, they have insufficient skills for the continued development in their instrument. In relation to the level of studies the course's knowledge and skills are not in command. The students do not take sufficient responsibility of their learning and of their many-sided self-development. Their achievements in concert preparing, organizing and marketing are weak.

2 Satisfactory:
The command of the students' main technical and interpretative basics is passable. Intonation is faulty in many places. The performance is musically correct but there is still much to be developed stylisticaclly and in general. The projection of the character of the works is not totally achieved. The students are capable of self-evaluation to a certain extent, they possess modest readiness for a continued development in their insrument. The knowledge and skills connected with the course are somewhat under control. The students assumption of responsibility in their learning and in their many-sided self-development is somewhat weak. Under suitable guidance they are capable or preparing, organizing and marketing a concert.

Arviointikriteerit, hyvä (3-4)

3 Good:
In relation to their level the students' performance shows good technical ability and in the best moments a touching intepretation is achieved. During their preparation the students have given evidence of a professional and goal-oriented approach. Their performance is musical, as expressed through good rhythm and an attempt towards stylistic interpretation. The character of the works is projected. Phrasing,pitch exactness, dynamics and nuance are under control even though there is room for improvement in general. The students are capable of evaluating their skills well and have the readiness for continued development in their instrument. The knowledge and skills connected with the course are sufficiently under control. The students assume responsibility of their learning development during the course. They are able to prepare, organize and market a concert.

4 Praiseworthy:
The students show in their playing a good technical and interpretative skills at their level. A professional approach is sensed in their playing. Their performance is musical, which is made obvious by good rhythm and handling of tempo,natural phrasing, pitch accuracy, dynamics and nuance control,stylistic interpretation and overall impression. The students are able to evaluate their skills, they are capable of continued development at their instrument. The course's knowledge and skills are at their level under command in a praiseworthy manner. The students assume responsibility of their learning and of the many-sided self-development during the course. The students are able to prepare, organize and market a concert.

Assessment criteria, excellent (5)

5 Excellent:
The students show at their level a good technical and interpretative skills. A promising professional approach is obvius in their playing. Their performance is musical as evidenced by their good rhythm and tempo handling, by a natural sense of phrasing, pitch accuracy, dynamics.


Reasonable music theory, solfege and harmony knowledge and skills. Basic skills in conducting orchestra (Orchestra Conducting 1).