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Preparatory Mathematics (3 cr)

Code: TZMV0300-3051

General information


01.08.2022 - 31.05.2023


30.08.2022 - 31.07.2023

Number of ECTS credits allocated

3 op

Virtual portion

3 op

Mode of delivery

Online learning


School of Technology


Main Campus

Teaching languages

  • Finnish


0 - 150

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Logistics
  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Construction and Civil Engineering


  • Ida Arhosalo

Teacher in charge

Ida Arhosalo


  • ZJA23KTNO3
    Avoin amk, Nonstop 3, Verkko
    Logistiikan ja rakentamisen verkko-opetus
  • ZJA22STNO1
    Avoin amk, Nonstop 1, Verkko
  • ZJA22STNO2
    Avoin amk, Nonstop 2, Verkko


Course purpose

During this course you rehearse and reinforce mathematical knowledge and skills needed in the beginning of your studies.

Course competences

EUR-ACE: Knowledge and understanding 
Knowledge and understanding of the mathematics and other basic sciences underlying their engineering specialisation, at a level necessary to achieve the other programme outcomes.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course you recall basic algebraic operations and rules for numbers and symbols, and formulas related to common geometric shapes. You understand the difference between an expression and an equation. You are able to apply what you have learned to solve simple problems related to your own field of study.


Basic algebraic operations, the notion of square root, rules for exponents, simplification of polynomial expressions and simple rational expressions, simple linear and quadratic polynomial equations, percentages, simple geometry and trigonometry for right triangles, basics of functions, verbal problems.

Location and time

Non-stop during semester 2022-2023

Oppimateriaali ja suositeltava kirjallisuus

Videos and text files in the learning environment, automatic tests

Teaching methods

Learning videos, independent work, automatic tests, consultation webinars, exam

Exam schedules

Schedule will be given on the front page of the learning environment.

Student workload

Independent work 79 h
Controlled exam 2 h

Further information

Avoin amk: 50 paikkaa

Evaluation scale


Assessment criteria, approved/failed

You are able to simplify simple polynomial- and rational expressions and evaluate expressions numerically. You recognise the difference between an expression and an equation. You can explain how simplifying an expression differs from the process of solving an equation. You are able to solve simple linear and quadratic polynomial equations. You can solve the edges and angles of right triangles. You can solve simple problems with equations. You know the notation for functions, are able to read the values of a function from a graph, and compute values of a given function using the functions expression. You recognise the equation of a line, are able to draw the line by using it, and you can determine the equation of a line from a picture.

Further information

The course is meant to be taken before compulsory mathematical studies in technology. The course also offers good mathematical acquirements for studies on other fields than technology.