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Innovations in BioeconomyLaajuus (6 cr)

Code: LMWB0100


6 op

Teaching language

  • English

Responsible person

  • Jaana Auer


The student gets a deep insight into bioeconomy, its state of art, policies,strategies and business value in Finland, Europe and rest of the world. The course builds on analyses of business models in bioeconomy by means of case studies of Finnish and international companies. The course sheds light on the desing and innovation of sustainable business models. The student searches and processes knowledge of innovations, new biotechnologies and research results in bioeconomy to answer problems coming from SME´s. The student gets to know novel practices or solutions in the field of bioeconomy in project work.


-getting a picture of state of art in bioeconomy in Finland, Europe and other countries
- analysing and upgrading business models in bioeconomy
- gathering and processing knowlegde of innovations, new biotechnologies and research results in the field of bioeconomy to serve SME´s needs for information
- getting to know some novel practices or technologies in bioeconomy in project work

Assessment criteria, satisfactory (1)

T1 Adequate. The student recognises the field of bioeconomy and knows the definition of bioeconomy. The student is capable of defining some business models in bioeconomy. The student is able to find usable information for customer´s need. The student knows some environmental impacts of bioeconomy products.

Assessment criteria, good (3)

H2 Satisfactory. The student shows some skills of applying theoretical understanding into practice. The student is able to apply business modelling in bioeconomy and can process information according to customer´s need. The student comprehends environmental impacts of bioeconomy in different situations.
H3 Good. = The student is capable of analysing business models and gathering useful information for practical solutions to SME´s needs for information. The student can analyse environmental impacts of bioeconomy products in many different ways.

Assessment criteria, excellent (5)

E5 Excellent. The students shows innovativeness in problem solutions and arguments behind own viewpoints.