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FF Bioeconomy Business Piloting 2Laajuus (5 cr)

Code: ZZ00BA11


5 op

Teaching language

  • English

Responsible person

  • Mari Hakkarainen


Future Factory project is a platform for developing working life -oriented, multidisclipinary and professional competences, for students, working life and staff members. In Future Factory project studies, you gain future working skills, and competence in innovation and entrepreneurship, at the same time creating your own career paths and working life networks. Future Factory projects can relate to projects in working life or RDI, LAB learning environments, entrepreneurship, or your own ideas or innovations. Future Factory model of project an innovation is used in these multidisclipinary project studies.

After accomplishing this course, you are able to implement a product developing project in a bioeconomy product or service. You enhance your own capabilities to conduct user-centered research and design in a bioeconomy sector context. You are able to take advantage of JAMK services and your own professional networks in developing your own productization work.


User oriented product development and testing
Service design and innovation

Assessment criteria, approved/failed

You act in a responsible and customer oriented way as a member of a multidisclipinary project team. With your interaction and expertise sharing, you support the solution of a working life development project. You are able to apply the tools of innovation and project work as part of the development work. You are able to evaluate the development of your competence and the work of your project team.