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Demola Project (5 cr)

Code: ZZVZ0250-3006

General information


01.11.2021 - 09.01.2022


03.01.2022 - 30.06.2022

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Mode of delivery



School of Business


Lutakko Campus

Teaching languages

  • English

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Logistics
  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Construction and Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Purchasing and Logistics Engineering


  • Juha Ruuska
  • Suvi Salminen


After the course, the student is able to participate in a professional role in a development team that creates an innovation or a prototype of a product or service using agile development practices, design and research methods.
Student also understands though experience challenges and benefits of multidisciplinary teams and begins to develop required team working skills as the course comprises of an assignment carried out by a group of students having different backgrounds and skill sets.
Student learns how to use various innovation methods, and understands how to develop further a an idea or a concept developed.
By writing a project report the student will learn to summarize, rationalize and explain the findings and ideas developed during the project.
Oral presentation skills will also be learned as the students present and explain their findings in a project presentation.


Participation to a Demola project, building a prototype/demo together with a multidisciplinary team including company member(s), co-creation with other teams and a client. Coaching events (e.g. agile development, concept development, presentation, service design, productization).

Evaluation scale


Assessment criteria, approved/failed

Completion of all items of assessment, outcome of the project to be approved by the project client


At minimum basic studies of one's own professional field, preferably experience from project work.