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Strategic Human Resource Management (5 cr)

Code: YHIYH300-3006

General information


01.08.2022 - 04.09.2022


26.09.2022 - 21.12.2022

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Mode of delivery



School of Business

Teaching languages

  • English

Degree programmes

  • Master’s Degree Programme in Business and Financial Management
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management


  • Pia Kreus


  • YBB22VS
    Master's Degree Programme in International Business, vaihto-opiskelu/Exchange studies
  • ZJA22SH
    Avoin AMK, lita
  • YHS21S1
    Master's Degree Programme in Sport Business Management
  • YBB21S1
    Master's Degree Programme in International Business
  • YHS22VS
    Master's Degree Programme in Sport Business Management, vaihto-opiskelu/Exchange studies


After completion of the course you understand the management of human resource needs of new ventures and are able to assess the innovation process to capture opportunities in global markets. You know how to utilise different HR strategies for the benefit of global businesses.

You are able to analyse the strategic integration and the actual fit of firm's HR policies and practices to its corporate and business strategy you are able to develop a plan for HR in order to improve the organisations overall performance. You are able to evaluate and develop in a goal-oriented manner your expertise by means of continuous learning and develop various solutions required in international operations.

You promote sustainable development principles and global social responsibility as a developer of working life, you apply the principles of equality and non-discrimination in all actions. You master the principles of good scientific practice and open science in your actions.

As a result, you develop your competences of operating in a workplace, ethics, and sustainable development in this course.


The course content will focus on the strategic management process, strategic review, different types of strategies and the role of strategic human resource management in international context. In addition topical HR metrics, benchmarking, high-performance work systems, employee engagement, diversity and sustainability issues will be addressed. Activities such as recruitment, training and development, performance and reward management and compensation are covered.

Location and time

Days will be confirmed later.

Oppimateriaali ja suositeltava kirjallisuus

Armstrong, M. 2016. Armstrong's Handbook on Strategic Human Resource management.6th ed. Kogan Page.
Additional selected topical academic articles and other readings available prior the course via Moodle.

Teaching methods

Course will be offered as four intensive contact teaching days Fr&Sat in November and also via Moodle learning space. Active attendance is recommended as the days will not be recorded. However independent study is also an option.
The teaching days will include group discussions, cases and workshops on the given study materials.

International connections

The course offers multiple perspective on international strategic human resource management issues and trends including international keynote speeches as videos and guest lecturer.

Vaihtoehtoiset suoritustavat

Prior learning can be recognized through similar master level studies or work experience which will be assessed for each course by the course instructor.

Student workload

135 h virtual course means an approximate 5 hours independent study for eleven weeks, four interactive webinars (8 hours) and two individual course assignments submitted by the end of the course adding of 75 hours.

Further information

This course is available for the students from other master's degree programmes in JAMK. The course can be also accomplished in other master's degree programmes.

Evaluation scale


Arviointikriteerit, tyydyttävä (1-2)

1 Sufficient
You are able to recognize the contribution that effective HRM can make to the achievement of the organisation’s strategic objectives.

2 Satisfactory
You are able to discuss the contribution that effective HRM can make to the achievement of the organisation’s strategic objectives. You are able to identify the different strategic needs of firms and the link between HR strategy and performance. You are familiar with the theoretical framework for strategic human resource management.

Arviointikriteerit, hyvä (3-4)

3 Good
You understand the contribution that effective HRM can make to the achievement of the organisation’s strategic objectives. You are able to recognise different strategic HR elements impacting the organisational performance. performance and you understand how different HR strategies can contribute into business performance. You are able to elaborate diversity and multiculturalism issues in organisations. You are able to communicate of your findings in a fluent and efficient manner according to the academic guidelines.

4 Very good
You know how to evaluate alternative conceptual frameworks for the analysis of HRM processes and outcomes. You are able to suggest and argument for alternative practises based on relevant theories. You know hot to utilise diversity management for the benefit of international companies and society.

Assessment criteria, excellent (5)

You are able to develop strategic human resource plan for a international company and able to critically evaluate and suggest improvement ideas for recruitment, training and compensation practices. You identify the importance of shared values of diversity management practises and able find sustainable and ethical solutions that are well argument and built on topical practises and literature and research. Your communication is professional, precise and you are following the principles of academic integrity.


BBA in business or economics or equal