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Invent for the Planet (3 cr)

Code: HBIE0720-3004

General information


20.11.2023 - 12.02.2024


16.02.2024 - 18.02.2024

Number of ECTS credits allocated

3 op

Virtual portion

1 op

Mode of delivery

67 % Face-to-face, 33 % Online learning


School of Business


Main Campus

Teaching languages

  • English


0 - 50

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in International Business


  • Anastasiia Mikhlina
  • Juha Saukkonen
  • Tetiana Shcherbyna


    Bachelor’s degree in International Business (Double Degree studies, Bachelor level)
  • HBI21S1
    Degree Programme in International Business
  • HBI23S1
    Bachelor's Degree Programme in International Business
  • HBI22S1
    Degree Programme in International Business
  • HBI23VK
    Bachelor's Degree Programme in International Business, vaihto-opiskelu/Exchange studies
  • 16.02.2024 16:00 - 21:00, HBIE0720-3004 Invent for the Planet
  • 16.02.2024 16:30 - 20:00, Invent for the Planet HBIE0720-3004
  • 17.02.2024 09:00 - 21:00, HBIE0720-3004 Invent for the Planet
  • 18.02.2024 09:00 - 17:00, HBIE0720-3004 Invent for the Planet
  • 18.02.2024 14:00 - 17:00, Invent for the Planet HBIE0720-3004


The course aims at improving students' capacity to innovate in a fast-paced, intercultural and interdisciplinary team setting. Due to the sustainability theme of the intensive course, students also gain insights in the global environmental, social and economic challenges and solutions to tackle them.

Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

Applied Business Skills IBBUS
- Identify and place into practice information-based decision making approaches to business opportunities arising from global sustainability needs
Ethical Conduct IBETH
- Embrace ethical conduct in practice and decision-making in order to come up with sustainable solutions to global needs
Intercultural Communication Skills IBCOL
- Demonstrate intercultural teamwork, leadership, and conflict resolution skills.
Communication Skills IBCOM
- Communicate effectively in English in oral, written and electronic formats using communication and information technology for business applications, and is able to prepare and present reports and in-class presentations
Skills for Personal Career Development IBPER
- Reflect upon and deepen personal and professional learning in order to recognize their strengths to support their career development towards a more sustainable future


Design thinking, team dynamics, sales pitching, intensive design experience, platform-based networking

Location and time

Mid-February in JAMK premises - Friday to Sunday afternoon with preparation earlier in the week + some post-work right after the event

Oppimateriaali ja suositeltava kirjallisuus

Case material provided by the global event organizer

Teaching methods

In-class innovation hackathon/workshop

International connections

the event happens in the joint global e-learning setting (40+ universities globally)

Student workload

Preparation 15 hours
Hackathon groupwork 40 hours
Post-work and analysis 25 hours

Content scheduling

Full days Friday to Sunday

Further information

recommended start for the JAMK IB courses Technology Business Dynamics and Global Innovation Marketing strategies

Exchange students: 10

Evaluation scale


Assessment criteria, approved/failed

The assessment of learning is enhancement-led evaluation. The assessment is based on learning objectives, quality and criteria, and self-evaluation by the student plays an important role in the process.
The learning outcomes are assessed in relation to the learning objectives of the course.


Students with an incline towards innovation and entrepreneurial thinking will find this course most suitable