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3D Modelling CATIA V6 (3 cr)

Code: TKKP0550AC-3004

General information


01.08.2023 - 15.06.2024


30.08.2023 - 31.07.2024

Number of ECTS credits allocated

3 op

Virtual portion

3 op

Mode of delivery

Online learning


School of Technology


Main Campus

Teaching languages

  • English


0 - 100

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Energy and Environmental Technology
  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering


  • Antti Henell


    Avoin amk, Tekniikka, Nonstop, Verkko
    Korkeakoulujen välinen yhteistyö, Tekniikka, Nonstop, Verkko


The students master 3D-modelling.The student are able to model solid models and also surface models, sheet metal components and knows basic of FEM calculation. They master parametric feature modelling and the production of workshop drawings based on a 3D model.

EA-EE: EUR-ACE Engineering design / TKNSU Competence in design:
The students are able to model different types of 3D –models. They are able to make workshop drawings according to technical drawings standards.

YHTVI Communication skills: The students are able to add figures and technical drawing to their assignments.
EA-EE EUR-ACE Engineering Design
TKNSU Competence in design
YHTVI Communication skills


3D modelling methods. Model structure and the use of structure tree. The hierarchy of features and assemblies. Creating drawings on a model and an assembly parts list on an assembly drawing. Parametrisation at model level.

Oppimateriaali ja suositeltava kirjallisuus

The study material has been published on the Moodle learning platform, where you can find video materials.

Handouts, Instructon manuals and tutorials of Catia 6 system.

Teaching methods

The course is studied independently. The use of the program and the learning assignments are instructed by videos. Learning assignments are returned to the learning platform.

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Student workload

Independent work 82,5 h Total 82,5 h.

Further information

The course cannot be included in optional studies if TKKP0560 3D modeling is a required course.

Evaluation scale


Assessment criteria, approved/failed

Able to model a given task, and to make valid work shop drawings. All exercises done.


Basic knowledge of Technical drawing and CAD.