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Orientation Practice in Mental Health, Addiction and Crisis Nursing (2 cr)

Code: SW00BA26-3008

General information


13.08.2023 - 31.12.2023

Number of ECTS credits allocated

2 op

Mode of delivery



School of Health and Social Studies

Teaching languages

  • English

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing


  • Riikka Sinivuo
  • Johanna Rinne

Teacher in charge

Riikka Sinivuo


  • SKV22SBH1
    Beihua group 1, 2022
  • SKV22SBH2
    Beihua ryhmä 2, 2022


Purpose of the course
During this course you will practice mental health promotion and nursing interventions in different simulation situations. You will gain skills for early identification of mental health disorders and risky alcohol and substance use. You will also gain skills for planning and implementation of a holistic patient care. You will practice supporting a patient in an acute crisis. The course will strengthen your professional ethics and self-reflection skills.

Learning outcomes
Evidence based nursing and decision making competence
Clinical competence
Learning and information management skills

Learning outcomes
You are able to determine the need for nursing care, to plan and evaluate the nursing care of a simulation patient.
You are able to evaluate the effects of the disease on the lives of the patient and the family in different simulation situations.
You are able to use scientific knowledge in decision-making in mental health, addiction and crisis nursing.
You are able to use common evidence-based nursing interventions in treating patients with mental health disorders, addiction and crisis in different simulation situations.
You evaluate and develop your own professional skills through self-reflection.
You are able to utilize digital applications of the service system in mental health, substance abuse and crisis management.


Your personal values ​​and attitudes in mental health,addiction and crisis nursing.
Self-reflection skills.
Culturally sensitive encountering of people of different ages.
Assessment of the overall situation of a mental health, addiction and crisis patient, planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing care and rehabilitation.
Common nursing interventions of mental health and addiction nursing, such as therapeutic nurse-patient relationship, dialogue, psychoeducation and brief intervention.
Supporting the patient in acute crisis.
Consideration of the legislation and recommendations in mental health and addiction nursing in different client situations.
Digital and mobile applications in the treatment of mental health and addiction disorders.

Evaluation scale



The student masters basic knowledge, key concepts and methods of social and health care system and operating environment. Student masters the goals and methods of health promotion and preventive nursing. Student knows the basics of evidence-based decision making. Student masters the basic concepts of mental health, addiction and crisis nursing.