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Forklift course (1 cr)

Code: TL00CK86-3001

General information


06.11.2023 - 07.11.2023


13.11.2023 - 19.12.2023

Number of ECTS credits allocated

1 op

Mode of delivery



School of Technology


Main Campus

Teaching languages

  • English


0 - 32

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Purchasing and Logistics Engineering


  • Ville Pahlsten
  • Marjo Turunen
  • Antti Vanhala


During this course:

You will gain valuable skills and knowledge that will help you perform your job better and more efficiently. You will learn how to inspect, maintain, and operate forklifts according to the standards and regulations.

Forklift accidents can cause serious harm to the operator, co-workers, pedestrians, and property. By following the safety rules and procedures, you can prevent or minimize these incidents.

You will increase your confidence and professionalism. Forklift safety training will help you develop a positive attitude and a sense of responsibility towards your work. You will also earn respect and trust from your employer, customers, and colleagues.


The main content will include
- Forklift safety training
- Training to drive a forklift

Location and time

Online, Rajakatu 35, Posti terminal.

Teaching methods

This course includes self study, lab work & exam and forklift driving training at Posti.
- Self study in Moodle must be completed before lab.
- Lab has to be completed before driving training. During lab you will write an exam about forklift safety. Exam has to be passed before possibility to driving training.
- Enroll the course only if you have a chance to participate all these according to given schedule.

Lab schedule (choose one)
- Monday 27.11 Group 1 - time 9.-10.30,
- Monday 27.11 Group 2 - time 11.15-12.45 or
- Tuesday 28.11 Group 3 - time 11-12.30.

Driving practicing schedule (choose one). Pay attention that this is the starting time at Posti (Kaakkovuorentie 10). If you need transportation, it will departure from Rajakatu 15 mins before starting time.
- Monday 4.12 time 9-13
- Tuesday 5.12 time 10-14
- Monday 11.12 time 9-13 or
- Tuesday 12.12 time 10-14.

Student workload

This is one credit course. Estimated workload is: Lab 2 hours, driving training 4 hours, self study 21 hours.

Evaluation scale