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Councelling of Health Promotion and Wellbeing (3 cr)

Code: SWYYW500-3006

General information


15.01.2024 - 15.06.2024

Number of ECTS credits allocated

3 op

Mode of delivery



School of Health and Social Studies

Teaching languages

  • English

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing


  • Marina Hirjaba
  • Riikka Sinivuo

Teacher in charge

Marina Hirjaba


  • SKV23SBH2
    Beihua ryhmä 2, 2023
  • SKV23SBH1
    Beihua ryhmä 1, 2023


The student knows the evidence-based methods of client-centered health counselling. The student has the skill to obtain and compare information that is relevant in view of the development challenge or problem at hand and to make decisions based on it. The student is able to promote the wellness and health of individuals and age-based groups with the orientation of multi-cultures, strengthen their inclusiveness and self-responsibility and allow them to take decisions on their health and illness. The student considers and relates various factors in multi-professional collaboration in health promotion. The students is able to apply evidence-based information to design, implement and evaluate health promotion interventions in culturally sensitive manner to individuals, groups and communities.


Empowerment and resource-based focused counselling and the Stages of Change.
Counselling methods: early dialogue and motivational interview. Salutogenic approach in counselling. Compiling, implementing and evaluating a health promotion project in collaboration with diverse partners in multicultural settings. Working with clients with various backgrounds.

Evaluation scale


Arviointikriteerit, tyydyttävä (1-2)

Passed (S):
The student seeks and uses evidence based information in order to apply relevant counseling methods and justifies the chosen methods based on health promotion knowledge base. The student plans, implements and evaluates empowerment focused, client centered, and culturally sensitive health promotion intervention for individuals or age based groups. The student creates the collaboration atmosphere among the client and the other members of the group in the group project. The student evaluates his/her own learning and competence and also constructive feedback for peers.
Fail (0):
The student does not meet the criteria of learning outcomes in this course.