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Customer Project (5 cr)

Code: HTGP0150-3003

General information


01.08.2024 - 31.07.2025


26.08.2024 - 31.07.2025

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Mode of delivery



School of Business

Teaching languages

  • English


20 - 30

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Business Information Technology


  • Kalle Raijonkari


  • HTG22S1
    Bachelor's Degree Programme in Business Information Technology
  • ZJA24SINO1
    Avoin amk, tiko, nonstop 1, verkko
  • ZJK24SINO1
    Korkeakoulujen välinen yhteistyö, tiko, nonstop 1, verkko


The object of the course:
You have learned many different skills and knowledge in your game production studies. These skills may include skills related to game programming, 2D&3D art, sfx or monetization. However, you may not have been able to combine these skills or you have not found situations where you could apply these skills. The answer is: Customer Project!

This project will take you through your first customer relationship and there you serve the customer to the best of your ability, utilizing your previously acquired skills. The goal is a satisfied customer!

Course competences:
Business competence
Cross-disciplinary competence in games
Game production competence
Software engineering competence
Systems and methods in ICT

The learning objectives of the course:
After the course you will be able to independently implement a customer-oriented project within your knowledge. In addition to customer service, you have acquired new technical or content production skills and are able to apply them in customer relationships. You understand the importance of communicating with and reporting with a client in a new and more in-depth way, and being able to organize and facilitate different types of events (eg workshops).


Key issues include understanding the customer's (and their customers') needs, developing a solution, defining and producing project output, organizing own work and the entire customer project, and reporting on the outputs in a way that is meaningful to the project.

Location and time

Nonstop, independent of time or place.

Oppimateriaali ja suositeltava kirjallisuus

Student chooses relevant sources of additional information, depending on the topic of the project. Instructions for planning and reporting are found in Moodle.

Teaching methods

In the Customer Project, the student will find project work from a client. Enrollment to the course is non-stop, and the project may be started at any point. Guidance for the Customer Project is given by the following methods:

- Customer Project info sessions online (Autumn/Spring)
- Assignments (Project plan, project report)
- Seminar presentation of Customer Project results

Employer connections

Student obtains a customer project and implements the development project with hour-by-hour schedule that is agreed with the customer.

Student workload

Customer Project will be tracked by used hours for the project. 1 ECTS credit equals 27 hours of work. Approximately 135 hours of work.

Further information

The student will search for the Customer Project through their networks and BIT stakeholders.

The Customer Project must be related to game industry core competences, but the content of the project is not limited to only game projects. For example if the students core skills are related to graphic design, a graphic design project for a marketing company can be accepted. Similarly if the students core skills are related to programming, a non-gaming related software project can be accepted. If the student is unsure if their project idea fits the course, they can contact the teacher in charge, who will guide with selecting suitable project content.

The Customer Project course is evaluated as Pass/Fail, the student will receive a passing mark when the project has been completed, the seminar has been held and all the necessary documentation has been delivered. There is a high emphasis on self-evaluation and reflection.

Evaluation scale


Assessment criteria, approved/failed

The successful completion of the course requires an independent project with the client, as well as outlining and documenting the client's needs as agreed with the client. The author (s) will produce a project plan and contract, which will agree with the client on the project to be carried out, monitor and report on the working time used and record the final report of the project. The results of the projects are presented in an appropriate way (eg closing seminar, video presentation).


Although this course can take on new technical or content-related skills, you must still have a basic understanding of project management, game business, and the technologies you and your client select.