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Advanced Use of Excel in Technical Applications (5 cr)

Code: TLXV1580-3015

General information


01.08.2024 - 22.08.2024


02.09.2024 - 09.12.2024

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Virtual portion

5 op

Mode of delivery

Online learning


School of Technology


Main Campus

Teaching languages

  • English


20 - 70


  • Anne Rantakaulio


  • TKN22SA
    Konetekniikka (AMK)
    Konetekniikka (AMK), DD
  • TKN22SB
    Konetekniikka (AMK)
  • TKN24VS
    Konetekniikka (AMK), vaihto-opiskelu/Exchange studies


You know how to use spreadsheets in depth and you can apply your skills both in your studies and in working life in the field of technology and transport.

Engineering practice:
You have ability to identify, formulate and solve complex engineering problems, by being able to select and having the practical skills to apply relevant established analytical, computational and experimental techniques and methods


Advanced us of Excel and mixed use of spreadsheets and word processing.
- using strings
- using large information material
- using logical, set and search functions
- creating forms and macros
- using analytical tools in engineering
- basic use of pivot tables and charts

Oppimateriaali ja suositeltava kirjallisuus

The public Study Material consists of the Microsoft Office Software Help website. (

Teaching methods

Exercises and learning tasks are in an online learning environment.

Course consists of:
- online videos
- reading material in a learning environment
- web discussion
- guidance in web if needed

Employer connections

The course excercises have been prepared based on working life.

Exam schedules

The total performance of the course is made on the basis of the returned assignments in three stages, which correspond to the exam and re-exams. The assignment return schedule is announced at the beginning of the course. If the completion of the course is in progress at the time of the first or second assessment phase, you have the opportunity to complete your performance up to the third assessment phase.

1. assessment phase: 25.11.2024
2. assessment phase: 02.12.2024
3. assessment phase: 09.12.2024

The Course will be introduced on 2.9.2024 at 17:00 online. The address will be sent by e-mail to those who have registered.

Student workload

The scope of the course is 5 cr x 27 h / cr 135 h
- Guide videos 10 h
- Independent study 40 h
- Completion of exercises 85 h

Further information

Feedback is given as comments to the e-learning environment during the course. Assessment is based on competence objectives, qualitative, criteria-based.

Evaluation scale


Assessment criteria, approved/failed

To achieve approved performance, you must demonstrate that you have mastered the advanced use of spreadsheets. Competence is demonstrated by approved weekly assignments in the areas described in the course content.


ICT Skills or corresponding studies at university