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Master's Degree Programme in Project Management

Master’s Degree Programme in Music

Degree title:
Master’s Degree Programme in Music

60 ects

Key learning outcomes

As a graduate of the Degree Programme in Project Management, you have extensive knowledge on project activities and are capable of utilising the methods and tools of project management. You can apply the competencies acquired in multidisciplinary projects in different roles and stages in changing operating environments.

The development, management and interaction competence acquired during the studies create capabilities for you to operate in a variety of networks and multi-professional teams. The education provides a good basis for project management certifications.

As a graduate, you will have good capabilities for continuous learning, creative problem-solving and development of working life. You act ethically and support sustainable development.

Education content and professional growth and know-how

In the studies for Project Management, you deepen your competence in project planning, management and financial management. You develop your skills of using research and development methods and critical evaluation. In your thesis, you demonstrate your expertise in the area of expertise of the degree programme and your ability to lead research-related development activities in workplaces. The programme has a strong emphasis on future-oriented content that guides you to think differently.

The studies include advanced professional studies, elective studies and a thesis. The studies consist of multidisciplinary expert studies in project management and complementary studies that support the student's personal learning plan and career goals.

The structure and content of the studies is available in more detail on the Curricula tab.

Flexible studies

The studies are flexibly implemented as distance studies in a web-based learning environment, comprising independent and team-based online assignments, webinars, online lectures, presentations and seminars. You can freely choose elective studies from the other master’s degree programmes offered by Jamk.

You can choose your alternative or elective studies from EduFutura partner institutions (University of Jyväskylä and Gradia) and international studies from European EUDRES higher education institutions. You can also choose from Finnish and foreign partner universities, such as other universities of applied sciences and universities. You can apply for accreditation of higher education studies that you have completed elsewhere.

Working life oriented learning

The degree programme has a strong link to business and industry. You can carry out learning assignments included in the courses in your work community. Many work community development tasks can also be brought in for planning, developing and solving as learning assignments and projects. Through active interaction, the competence and expertise of team members is utilised in learning for the benefit of the entire team. Current issues in the professional field are also highlighted by guest lectures.

It is possible to build a personal study path for the studies through studification of work and a wide utilisation of the courses offered by Jamk’s master’s degree programmes.

The thesis is a research-based working life development assignment.

Career opportunities and employment

The Degree Programme in Project Management is designed for individuals working in various fields who wish to expand their capabilities for working in planning, development and managerial duties in the field of project management. The objective of the studies is to deepen the student’s competence in the different areas of project management. The graduates will have good capabilities to work as developers of working life in demanding expert and managerial positions.

Development as a specialist in project management opens up the potential for new and challenging work assignments and an opportunity for career advancement. During the studies, you will network with specialists from different fields.

You will deepen your management and interaction skills and your ability to act in networks in the different roles of project activities. In addition, you will deepen your capabilities for operating in international networks. As a graduate of the Master's degree programme, you can develop organisations' operations and actively produce new competence.


There are no specific degree-related or statutory qualification requirements in the field.

Further studies

You may, after graduating, apply for postgraduate studies at universities or studies at the School of Professional Teacher Education. You can also continue your studies by applying for corresponding further education programmes in foreign higher education institutions, such as EUDRES higher education institutions. The university of applied sciences offers opportunities for competence development in various institutes, such as the open university of applied sciences, specialisation training and work-oriented continuing education.

Education planning

Working-life representatives and experts, Jamk’s specialists and master’s degree students from various fields have been involved in the planning of the degree programme. The planning of the objectives and content of the degree programme is based on the information obtained from research and working life representatives on the current and future competence needs. Advisory committees from various fields, consisting of experts and managers of different businesses, also regularly take part in the planning process. The programme is constantly developed based on the continuing feedback from students active in working life.

Contact Information

Sami Sallinen
Senior Lecturer, Music
+358 403 518 350

Master's Degree Programme in Project Management, Music Pedagogue