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FF Well-being from MusicLaajuus (5 cr)

Code: ZZ00CD54


5 op

Teaching language

  • Finnish

Responsible person

  • Leena Kangastalo


Competence of the course:
You will acquire, process, evaluate and apply critically and appropriately the knowledge, principles, theories and methods in your field.
You know how to use digital learning environments as a student.
You take care of your study capacities and take responsibility for your own and community skills development and the sharing of learned.

Learning Outcomes of the Course:
You will learn the basics of music therapy and apply those ideas in practice.
You will have the capacity to understand and encounter different kind of groups with music.
You understand the meaning of skill-based art education extensively in the context of social and research welfare.

As a member of the team, planning, implementing and reporting on a project related to the music industry.
You understand project management processes and are able to put the process in a real project.

You know how to carry out a wide range of music activities in different communities and operating environments, supporting the overall well-being of participants.


Applied use of music therapy in the work of music education.
The importance of music and art education in support of well-being.
The operating culture of different groups and the principles of guidance.

As a member of the team, planning, implementing and reporting the project. The project can be either personal or can be related to a larger project entity.


The basic studies of music education or art education. Practical training in your field.

Assessment criteria, approved/failed

Pass: You know how to apply the methods of music therapy when you work with the different groups. You have understand the importance of music and art education in a broad way to support human well-being.
You have planned, implemented, and evaluated a project in the community or environment of your choice.